Local Bargain Finder searches eBay auctions in your area to help you find cheap children's toys, garden furniture, widescreen TVs, dishwashers, fridge freezers and much more, all at bargain prices. Many people use eBay to sell large and bulky household items that are not practical to post which means their buying market is reduced and therefore less bids are received, so real bargains can be found. Items shown at the top of page are ending soonest to help you win those last minute deals.

Simply enter your postcode (without the spaces), select the furthest distance you wish to search, choose an eBay category then click the button to find the bargains!
These items tend to be larger items such as furniture, baby pushchairs and children’s toys, as well as expensive items such as games consoles and mobile phones, where the seller is not comfortable with posting them.

For people looking to furnish their first home, holiday cottage, or rented accommodation, it is ideal for finding sofas, beds, tables, domestic appliances such as fridge freezers, or washing machines. It is also ideal for those on a limited budget that need these essential items at low cost, or short notice.

A large number of parents, or parents to be, also use Localbargainfinder for purchasing travel systems, strollers, Moses baskets, cots, activity centres or toys for their children. Given how quickly children grow in size, and how soon fashions change, eBay is the first choice for many parents when it comes to upgrading or replacing their items. Localbargainfinder will show you all of these items that are local to you.

Gardeners are another regular visitor to Localbargainfinder, especially during the summer season. Plenty of patio tables, chairs and heaters are regularly listed, as well greenhouses, storage bins, sheds and power tools such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Building materials and equipment are also regularly sold on eBay as leftovers from DIY work, or surplus to businesses, so try Localbargainfinder for bags of aggregates, bricks, blocks and paving slabs.

The distance filter will also allow you to find items in nearby towns and cities, and is particularly useful for people who live out of urban areas. By increasing the search distance you will be able to capture a wider selection of goods to choose from.

By browsing all categories, you can look for bargains that you may not be able let pass you by - your TV stand may be perfectly adequate, but if a very stylish, and nearly new unit is ending in 5 minutes for £10, and no bids, then maybe now is the time to buy the replacement you were thinking of for the future.